Understanding Of Waqf You Must Understand

The term waqf is indeed not popular in the ears of the community. Especially if it is associated with waqf literacy which is still minimal. For some people, waqf is also identified as the worship of the rich and can only be carried out in large numbers. So that makes people delay to fulfill waqf.
wakaf adalah a legal act to separate and / or surrender a part of his property to be used forever or for a certain period in accordance with his interests for the purposes of worship and / or public welfare in accordance with sharia. Waqf is Alms Jariyah. Wakaf assets may not be reduced in value, may not be sold and may not be inherited. Because waqf is essentially giving up ownership of human property belongs to Allah in the name of the Ummah.

Legal Basis of Waqf Based on the Qur’an & Sunnah

• Among the traditions that form the basis and the proposition of waqf are the traditions that tell the story of Umar bin al-Khaththab when acquiring land in Khaibar. After he asked the Prophet for instructions on the land, the Prophet suggested holding back the origin of the land and offering the results.

• The complete hadith about this is; “Umar obtained land in Khaibar, then he asked the Prophet by saying; O Messenger of Allah, I have obtained land in Khaibar whose value is high and I have never obtained anything worth more than it. What did you tell me … Read More

Can I still Sue if my Child gets Injured while Trespassing?

Did you child get injured while trespassing? Are you wondering if you can still file the lawsuit against the property owner?

According to the rule, the property owner is not liable to trespassers; however, in cases that involve children, the law recognizes their vulnerability and protects them. Under “attractive nuisance,” a legal doctrine that governs such cases, if a child sustains an injury while on other’s property, the parents can seek compensation. You can consult your personal injury lawyer VA Beach and take all the necessary actions to file the lawsuit and win the case. However, it’s essential to know what Attractive Nuisance is and how it works.

What Is an Attractive Nuisance?

According to the law, an attractive nuisance is any condition that may entice a child to it and cause them danger. If the property owner has such conditions present on his or her property, it becomes the property owner’s duty to protect children, including those trespassing. In the attractive nuisance case, the property owner may be held liable for the injuries sustained by a child as they failed to keep the property safe from trespassing.

What must your personal injury lawyer prove?

For winning the case, you and yourpersonal injury law firm Virginia beach must be able to present before the judge, these following things;

  1. The property owner is aware or should be aware of all the conditions present on the property that may attract the children and make them trespass.
  2. The conditions on the premise
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Is Digital Real Estate The Future Of This Business Sector?

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, there are several things to keep into consideration. For example, the fact that this sector is renowned for having long legal waiting periods, complex architecture and, overall, a not so great approach when it comes to providing services to younger generations. The whole of the real estate sector has, in fact, moved to a more digital approach, let’s dive into the reasons why this could or could not be the future of a not so young sector.

Approaching Real Estate As an Amateur

Investing in property/real estate isn’t easy and never was. But why? Well, mainly because of the complex processes in which anyone has to go through. There are, in fact, at least 5 different offices, legal processes and more which should be taken into consideration when it comes to approaching real estate as a sector. This, of course, isn’t very appealing for the ones who are looking to approach real estate investment as a whole. This is the reason why a lot of different companies have decided to adopt a digital-first approach to their business. Not only being digitally focused will help complex sectors like commercial property valuations, but it will most likely condense and control other long processes.

The Usage Of Data

When it comes to business, data has become possibly the most trending word out there. There are several reasons why data will most likely become the top priority for the entire real estate sector, but … Read More