Does Home Insurance Cover AC Repair Costs?

Your air conditioning system in Gainesville, Florida, is a significant household investment. In addition, your air conditioner, like any other equipment, is prone to breakdown or malfunction from time to time. It’s reasonable to ask in these situations: does home insurance cover AC repair costs?

HVAC system repairs in Gainesville can be very costly. Understanding what your homeowners’ insurance policy covers is essential in determining what is and is not covered during an AC breakdown. Many homeowners, however, are unaware of what they might expect in terms of an HVAC insurance claim.

The post below goes into great detail on the topic.

AC Repair Costs Are Covered by Home Insurance When:

When Weather-Related Factors Damage Your AC

If a covered peril or disaster damages your AC, such as lightning, heavy winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, or hailstorms, then your system may be covered under your homeowner’s policy, depending on your policy limits. In addition, your home insurance may cover your unit if a tree falls on it and damages it.

If Fire Or Water Damages Your Air Conditioner

Your house insurance may also cover your air conditioner in the case of a fire, whether caused by natural causes or electrical problems. If a house fire damaged your HVAC system, your insurance company may pay for the AC repair in Florida. This can cover both appliance repairs and vent cleaning, so be careful to look for any probable fire damage.

Water damage from burst pipes is another major issue that your home insurance … Read More