Even though the era has progressed, it seems that there are still people who are trapped in fraudulent investment. Every day, there is news of fraudulent investment scams ranging from social gatherings, ponzi scheme investment traps, to promises of doubling money given by several industries claiming to be investment institutions.


One of the latest fraudulent investment problems that is still widely discussed today is the matter of deception by a trading robot by a social media celebrity. This is very unfortunate, considering that this problem occurred in the midst of a pandemic, when most people were trying to save their inheritance.

In order to avoid uniform matters relating to you, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to before starting to invest. what are they? Here’s a free guide to fraudulent investments that you need to know.

1. Define Investment Goals

To be free from fraudulent investments, make sure you first master your investment goals. Some people invest with the aim of getting profit from the results, there are also those who invest to improve their business, or even make it a business guarantee. However, one of the real goals of investing for people is to protect the value of money from inflation.

To be free from fraudulent investments, make sure your goal in investing is not to make profits in a short time. Starting an investment with an orientation towards getting big profits practically will only lower your vigilance in choosing investment instruments. This is also a loophole for fraudsters to catch prey.

2. Don’t be easily tempted by profit

One characteristic of fraudulent investments is that they offer the lure of large profits in a short time with little risk. This is very impossible, considering the main principle of investment is “high return = high risk”. In other words, there is no investment that can give you a high percent return with less than 1% risk. When making offers like these, you should be wary.

Don’t be easily tempted by promises that don’t make sense or are “too good to be true”. Ask the institution’s business flow and how they can achieve the nominal profit they promise. From here, you will be able to see and estimate how credible the industry is. In essence, always be vigilant in pursuing each offer.

3. Don’t hand over funds before signing the agreement

The next tip for avoiding fraudulent investments is to make sure you have signed a formal and detailed agreement before handing over funds. Study each article contained in the agreement message carefully and check each sentence that seems ambiguous. If necessary, sign it in front of a notary.

Avoid investing only with trusted capital, especially even if the one offering it is the closest person. If there is no clear black on white, you will not be able to sue the investment institution or service provider. As we know, there have been many fraudulent investment scams that have occurred and the perpetrators are even close people or family.

4. Always Be Alert and Thorough

The main key to being free from fraudulent investments is to always be vigilant and careful in selecting investment instruments. Carefully read each point of the terms and conditions, rights and obligations, benefits, fees and risks. Do not make decisions in a hurry and be wary if the investment institution seems to be pushing.

If the investment offered is in the form of goods, such as property or arable land, take the time to check the investment product directly. Check and monitor regularly through various platforms to ensure that the product really belongs to the relevant company and is not a dispute.

5. Check Legality and Company Regulators

The next step to avoiding fraudulent investment traps is to check the legality of the industry and its regulators. Make sure the industry where you invest is under supervision and obtains permits from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Bank Indonesia (BI), or the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Body, according to the products offered. To ensure the legality of the investment industry, you can check via the website or hotline of the three institutions.

Not only through related institutions, you can also check the industry’s track record via the internet. Find out the testimonials of users and cases that may have covered them. That way, you can ensure that the company is really clean in doing business and not a fraudulent investment network. Apart from that, you need to be careful if the investment industry.

6. Report Suspicious Investments

The last step to be free from fraudulent investments and avoid other victims is to notify all forms of investment that you think are suspicious to the relevant regulator. Not only to avoid all forms of fraud, this step is also useful for avoiding uniform fraud about other people.

For those of you who make investment offers that are suspicious or disturbing, you can report them via the following numbers.

Fraudulent Investment Beware! Here’s a Avoidance Guide