The family is the smallest form of institution in people’s lives. Through the family, religious values and teachings can be inherited and practiced as prescribed by Islam. Indicators of a Harmonious Family and prosperous family in Islam are actually quite simple. Namely sakinah, mawaddah, wa rahmah. However, it takes effort and cooperation to achieve this.

The sakinah family is a family filled with a sense of peace and calm in it. While mawaddah is a family filled with love until the end. And wa rahmah is a family that is filled with love in it.

However, it should be realized that this cannot happen instantly. Cooperation is needed between every family member, especially husband and wife so that a harmonious family within the Islamic framework can be realized. Here are some ways you can do this:

Harmonious Family

1. Carry out obligations as husband and wife

To create a harmonious family, husband and wife must understand what responsibilities and obligations they have. By carrying out their respective obligations, the wheels of household life can run in a more balanced manner and household life also becomes more peaceful and harmonious.

2. Pay attention to your partner and family

Every couple definitely expects attention from their partner. Either in the form of gentle words, assistance, gifts, or quality time together. By paying attention to the partner’s needs to feel loved, the partner will feel more loved and appreciated.

3. Be patient with each other

Conflicts and problems are inevitable and must be experienced by every household. A harmonious and happy household does not mean that there is no conflict in it. However, it is how to deal with these problems that can determine whether the household will be harmonious or not.

Being patient in dealing with problems, forgiving your partner’s mistakes, and good communication are the keys to a successful household. With cooperation and patience with one another, a harmonious household can be realized.

4. Take care of each other’s worship

The purpose of marriage is not only to form a harmonious family. More than that, this harmony must always be within the framework of obedience to Allah SWT. That’s why maintaining worship is an absolute thing to do. And couples must remind each other and compete in goodness in the context of worshiping Allah.

5. Give thanks to Allah

The foundation of a harmonious household is gratitude to Allah. When the heart is filled with gratitude, then everything will feel beautiful. Gratitude will also make the heart calm and feel enough. Therefore, when there are obstacles in a marriage, gratitude will help us make decisions based on what is important and good according to God.

Those are some ways to form a harmonious family according to Islam. This method cannot be achieved easily. But like marriage, forming a harmonious family is basically lifelong learning for husbands, wives, parents, and all family members in it.

How To Be A Harmonious Family According To Islam?