Mom & Father want to invite children to play traditional games? Come on, find out what are the benefits behind it. Now, it is increasingly difficult for children to find and play traditional games with so many new electronic devices or gadgets around. Even in the home, of course there are televisions, smartphone computers, playstations, and many other electronic items that can be reached by children and provide many interactive entertainment options.

Playing with gadgets isn’t entirely negative. But if this continues, the child will be further away from the culture and habits that Mom & Father used to do. It’s great fun when kids have fun with new technology, but they also have to find fun without it. Traditional game is very beneficial for them, they required health activity, social education skills, growing creativity, explain imagination,competition, friendship and more than benefits to be had. Come on, know what in ide kegiatan dengan anak

• As a bridge between generations

Sport is a means of connecting across countries, ages, religions, and even across socioeconomic status as well. It’s no wonder that exercise can increase their solidarity and connect them emotionally. Likewise with traditional games. Playing traditional games in the family can bring the family closer and stronger bonds. Children with strong family relationships do well in all other aspects of life.

• Build life skills

Playing traditional games usually encourages teamwork and social interaction. Most traditional games require dexterity and movements such as swinging your arms and jumping. It improves exercise and improves eye-hand coordination. Some team games require children to come up with tactics to beat opponents. Traditional games also help them strategize and resolve conflicts between teams.

• Gadget free time

Traditional games don’t need gadgets. Of course, it doesn’t require expensive equipment. Nor does it require a uniform or special shoes and accessories, all it takes is people and space to play. Playing traditional games can be used as a time to escape for a moment from the digital world. This teaches children that we can still have fun without gadgets. Now, when Mom & Father introduces traditional games, Mom & Father also knows the benefits behind it. Invite children to have fun without gadgets or other electronic devices!

Benefits of Playing Traditional Games. Why is it important?