Car accidents are often dreadful and devastating for the victims and their loved ones. Children are more susceptible to severe injuries and damages in car collision cases. Amongst children, car accidents are the leading cause of severe injuries and untimely deaths. Thus, drivers must be aware of driving laws in Virginia.

In 2018 alone, over 97,000 children were victims of car collisions, out of which 636 died. Car crashes that involve children are often hard for them and their family to handle. If your child has met with a car accident, you must immediately seek medical care besides getting legal help from Virginia Beach accident lawyer. Even if your child has sustained a minor bruise or mild concussion or has no apparent injuries, you should consult a qualified medical professional. A thorough medical evaluation comes in handy in identifying any life-threatening injuries and chart out an effective treatment plan. The medical reports also help auto accident attorneys in determining who is liable for the crash and how to approach compensation lawsuit.

Car accident injuries and children

Car accidents can injure children in various ways. Car accidents can physically and emotionally disable a child. Here are some common car accident injuries in children.

Airbag Injuries: Injuries due to airbags deployed in a car crash are common in children under-12 years of age. Thus, parents and guardians should put their young ones in the back seat.

Neck and Head Trauma: Children are susceptible to neck and head trauma due to sudden jerk or jolt. Injuries including whiplash, concussion, skull fracture, and brain injuries fall under the neck and head trauma. In some children, head trauma can turn in to behavioral, cognitive, and developmental issues.

Car seat injuries: A child can get injured by a car seat or its part.

Broken bones: Children can get tossed from the car during a crash and suffer injuries like broken bones and fractures.

Chest injuries: Car crashes can cause internal bleeding and injuries to the lungs or ribs.

Dental injuries: Car crashes often cause disfigurement or scarring. Many young victims of car crashes sustain dental trauma.

Psychological trauma: Car crashes and their aftermath can be traumatizing for anyone. Vehicle accidents may leave a child traumatized and stressed for life. Anxiety and PTSD are common in children who have experienced tragic car accidents. Such children have to go through therapies and recreational treatments to heal emotionally.

Can I file a lawsuit on behalf of my injured child?

In Virginia, the parents or the injured child’s legal guardian can file a lawsuit on their behalf. The guardians must file the lawsuit within two years of the car crash.

Children less than 18 years can’t file lawsuits. In car accident cases involving minor children, if legal guardians don’t file a claim on behalf of the injured child, the statute of limitation is put on hold. The Virginia law holds the time limit to file a lawsuit till the minor victim reaches 18 years of age. Once the child has turned 18, they have two years’ time to file the lawsuit.

Can I file a lawsuit for my injured child?

Car crashes that involve minors and young children are often an overwhelming experience for the family. If your child has sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, it’s best to seek help from an accident lawyer. Consulting a legal professional will help you understand the case better and consider all options that are best for your child.

Can children file lawsuit for car accident injuries compensation?