Along with the proliferation of vehicles with the latest technology, more and more people are looking for higher quality fuel so that they match the specifications of their vehicles. One of the high-quality fuel brands on the market is Pertamax Turbo which has RON 98. This fuel is suitable for cars that have high engine compression pressure and is juxtaposed with the Ignition Boost Formula (IBF) to support vehicle driveability. However, for its use, it must still be adjusted to the compression ratio of the car’s default engine. Pertamax Turbo is claimed to be very suitable for cars with a compression ratio of 12: 1 and above or other compression vehicles with turbo charger engine technology. High compression aims to produce maximum power. However, fuel that can withstand high compression is also needed. The higher the RON, it means that it is more resistant to detonation. However, the use of fuel with too high octane is also not optimal if the compression is low. When viewed from the data compression ratio chart, Pertamax Turbo can still be used by cars with a compression ratio of 10: 1 and 11: 1. these vehicles, especially 11: 1, require RON 95 and above, including the Harga Pertamax turbo whose octane is 98.

The use of fuel above the minimum octane or cetane number makes the engine work more perfectly. Thus, the power is also more optimal and fuel efficient Another advantage of using fuel above recommendations such as Pertamax Turbo also has an impact on the service life of the components in the engine and combustion chamber. The engine becomes cleaner than the accumulated carbon scale. However, it will be inversely proportional if the car owner uses fuel far below the manufacturer’s advice because the combustion is not perfect.

If you continuously use fuel that is not according to the recommendation, the biggest potential for the gasoline engine will experience a decrease in power to engine knocking or tickling and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and a decrease in efficiency (wasteful) Furthermore, Irwansyah also explained that this would affect the life of the components in the combustion chamber such as pistons or cylinders and valves in a gasoline engine. Meanwhile, the diesel engine can attack the fuel filter, injection pump and injectors. Not only does it shorten the service life of engine components, this incomplete combustion also has a negative impact on the environment. In fact, the substance is harmful to human health. For the environment, it will cause pollution due to incomplete combustion. For example CO, HC and NOx are excessive and dangerous for health The presence of the Pertamax Series such as the Pertamax Turbo is Pertamina’s commitment to reduce air pollution and ensure vehicle efficiency. Through high quality and environmentally friendly fuel that can be the choice of the community.

Choosing the Right Fuel for Vehicles