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Remember, too, the choice of home well being care company is primarily your father’s to make. You may give him the facts and your recommendation, but respect his decision. Dad has lived alone for the final 12 years, and he needs residence health care services. I’m embarrassed to have my colleagues care for him, but I’m also afraid of what they’ll assume if I select a competing agency. My father, seventy six, has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Recently, he was rushed to the local ED for extreme shortness of breath and what turned out to be a minor stroke.

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If you’ll be able to deal with this issue privately, you could keep away from some embarrassment. But if the issue persists, your employer is legally sure to intervene. Yesterday, I told him that if he didn’t stop bothering me, I’d report him for harassment. He said that what’s between us is none of the hospital’s enterprise and that if I threatened his job, he’d make certain mine can be in jeopardy too, as we’d had a consensual affair. Do I actually have a legal leg to face on here, or ought to I try to handle this mess privately?

legal questions

She requested me point-blank what I considered him. I replied honestly that he’d been sued twice for making errors with two comparable procedures. In one case, I heard he eliminated the wrong breast. In your column, you’re always saying, “Nurses should advocate for patients” and “Be honest.” Well, I did simply that—and now I might get fired. I’m an agency nurse who generally works at a protracted-term-care facility.

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Working in a hostile environment poses a risk to your patients. Follow your facility’s grievance procedure to report the issue. If the harassment doesn’t cease or in case your job safety is threatened, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You have the right to work in an environment that’s free of sexual harassment, and your previous relationship with the surgeon doesn’t negate that right.

On several events lately, I gave injections to an aged lady. The first two occasions went fine, but the third time, she suddenly grew to become agitated and attacked me. The needle jabbed my arm and my face was bruised for a week. Even though the affected person assured you that he might walk with out help and didn’t want a cane, you knew he had poor vision and osteoarthritis, which put him at larger risk for falling.