Maybe you are confused, what are the duties of a business law attorney? The following is the scope of work that has been collected by the Magic editor.

Business new the legal science research program is one of the majors that are very much in demand by students who want to continue their studies to the level of learning from S1 to S3. If we look at the career prospects of law graduates where they can have a career as prosecutors, business law lawyers, notaries, judges, auditors and so on.

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Among the job prospects and careers that have been mentioned, there is one job that is certainly very often heard in your ears if you are a graduate or alumni of the law school. Where, this profession is also very much in demand by law graduates, namely serving as a lawyer.

You can work reliably as a lawyer in a law office or independently distribute your services to clients who are in need of legal support. One of the problems or problems that many lawyers hold directly or through a law office is usually related to business problems.

What is a Lawyer?

Lawyers are people who provide legal support or services not only when in the legal assembly but also outside the legal assembly even in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Advocates. Because the advocate services provided must comply with the Indonesian Advocate Code of Ethics.

Not only that, those of you who serve as business law lawyers must master all things related to activities in carrying out business operations as seen from the formal business law stated in the law, including:

Business Law Resources Used by Lawyers

The Civil Code , which controls ties over objects or between individuals and business entities. Not only that, this Civil Code also controls buying and selling, borrowing (credit), leasing, and so on.

The Criminal Code , which controls criminal acts in business such as fraud.

The Commercial Code , which regulates trade specifically and in more detail and has not been described through the Civil Code such as business entities, includes firms and CV.

The Limited Liability Company Law and the Investment Law, which control limited liability companies and investments.

Business Cases That Lawyers Can Handle

Serving as a business law attorney, you will be placed in cases covering the scope of business entities, export and import activities, investment, debt guarantees and valuable messages, employment, insurance and others related to business activities.

You will be tasked with helping business owners understand what they are up against when the legal process takes place. In this case, you can serve as a source of data for business owners regarding legal steps that need to be taken and provide a description of the rights and obligations of business owners in carrying out their business activities. Why? This is because all business activities and activities have been regulated and have legal certainty.

Business law attorneys can be involved in a number of matters in business activities in an industry including:

When setting up a business, the selection of the type of business entity you want to establish can be consulted with you.

Drafting Contracts, you can also help your clients in drafting employment contracts to recruit new employees and other types of contractual agreements that require special needs, especially in legal certainty.

Breach of Contract, you will act as a negotiator if the industry that uses your services faces late payments from their clients. It is possible, if the negotiations do not reach an agreement, you can proceed to the realm of law.

Mergers and Acquisitions, merging with other industries and making industrial purchases are not something that is easy to try. Therefore, a lawyer in this field can be involved to provide direction and advice to the relevant industry in carrying out the process so as not to violate legal provisions.

Claims, if there is a company that is late in paying an employee’s income or has experienced intimate harassment against him, using a business law attorney can be the solution by thinking about the best directions and methods in solving it.

Risk Management, a new industry or a long-established industry requires the services of a business law attorney to provide advice and advice to improve monitoring systems and minimize risk.

Real Estate & Property, the use of a business law attorney in this matter aims as a negotiator who often confuses home or property owners when there is a property dispute.

These seven things often require the support of qualified lawyers in business law to resolve disputes or cases that are still ongoing within the scope of business activities so that both the initial party and the second party together have clear legal certainty.

Business Lawyer Income

Lawyers’ services are indeed different from other legal services such as notaries and consultants for Intellectual Property Rights. Why? Because, the compensation received by a lawyer is not regulated in the Law on Advocates.

Where, the Law on Advocates only states:

Lawyers’ rewards are based on conventions with clients;

Rewards are formalized based on fairness by considering the client’s time, expertise and interests;

Payment of fees for lawyers is adjusted to the expertise of the client and may not burden the client with other unneeded costs.

That’s the data that Magic can convey about what people who serve as business law lawyers in Indonesia are trying to do. Like it or not, having a lawyer to help resolve ongoing business disputes is indeed very helpful, especially if this is related to the business world, where there is a source of business law stated in the law so that business activities in Indonesia can run in a healthy manner. as well as dynamic.

These are the duties of a business law attorney that people don’t often know